Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Good Bloggers, Good Bloggers...

The quick-thinking, quick-acting audio bloggers have a few choice cuts lurking around their sites and I thought I'd let you in on the ones I liked the most. So here goes,

GVB by way of Watch out for Snakes has Petra Haden covering the Beach Boys. I love Petra Haden, will have to cover her more closer at a later date. Daughter of bassist Charlie, cool chick all her own.

Dreams of Horses points to a new Cat Power video that [writer of Kids, director of Gummo] Harmony Korine directed.

And Number One Songs In Heaven (love them!) has two sassy Dee Dee Warwick tunes, she the sister of Dionne, she of the master husky sexy voice all her own. See for yourself.

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