Saturday, May 13, 2006

Heart of Gold My Ass

I could make a whole list of excuses. Maybe I will next time. But today I'm gonna write about my favorite show, and I'm not even a little embarassed to say it: Gilmore Girls. There isn't another show on the air like it, in the middle of the silliness and the Kirk-ness (oh I love him too) there is real storytelling with genuine emotions that are not always made-for-tv (OK, some times they are, but I won't nitpick my favorite show.) All in all, well-acted, well-written and well-scored! It's quite obvious to me that the creator Amy Sherman Palladino (who unfortunatedly departs now that this season finale is over) is about my age just by her music selections on the show. And of course the finale, featuring the Troubadorpalooza, was just another nod to the pop culture jollies that pervade each and every episode. Each and every week I'm wowed by a line or three, wonderful zingers that are funny and telling and so a part of the wonderful characters she has created with the help of some great actors (inclduing Liza Weil, who plays Paris and is pictured to the left with the Sonic Youth offspring, Coco). Okay I have bowed to her feet enough for now, I'm here to rock it. Below you'll find songs from the folks she featured on her last show, not neccesarily the songs from the show, just shows from those performers. I loved that Sam Phillips album when it came out. Listened to over and over and over and on and on. Joe Pernice? Yes. That was the nicest surprise. Also singing on the show? Mary Lynn Rajskub, comedian / actress / writer most known for Mr. Show and 24, doing a rif fon losing her Volvo. She also has a kind of fake band (well they've played, does that make them more real?) with another comedian / actress / writer, Karen Kilgariff, called The Girls Guitar Club of Greater Los Angeles. No mp3 alas.

Grant Lee Phillips, "Dixie Drug Store" (such a great song)
Sam Phillips, "I Don't Know How to Say Goodbye"
Sonic Youth, "What a Waste"
Sparks, "Angst in My Pants"
Yo La Tengo, "Autumn Sweater"
Yo La Tango, "You Tore Me Down" (Flaming Groovies cover)
Pernice Brothers, "Working Girls (Sunlight Shines)"
Pernice Brothers, "One Foot in the Grave" (Live on KEXP)

And though he wasn't on the show, he was part of this show, Neil Young. These are from 1971. Live. Can you imagine hearing his voice back then, live for the first time? It's so extraordinary and otherworldly.

Neil Young, "Heart of Gold"
Neil Young, "Needle and the Damage Done"
Neil Young, "Tell Me Why"

For great commentary on Gilmore Girls and TV in general, check out Television Without Pity. But only the recaps; those fanatics on the gripe boards are insane.


Anonymous said...

I too am a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan and appreciate the great passion you express toward the show as well, as I have found your writing interesting ever since buying "Hey Day Girls" when I was younger. Thank you so much for being a voice for girls.

lessadventurous said...

I used to be such a huge Gilmore Girls fan. In its first three season, I recorded every episode, read every fan blurb, and contemplated how Luke and Lorelai would eventually get together. But lately the show has been going downhill so fast that I find it barely watchable. In fact, the only thing I like from the finale was that Mary Lynn Rajskub was in it (I heart 24 so very much)! Sam Phillips was neat too, actually.

Anonymous said...

i love gilmore girls. and i love your page! awsome songs...thanks!