Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Survivor Cast!!

The new season of Survivor is a Fans Vs. Favorites thing and here is the first look at the "Favorites," aka the past Survivor contestants. Do you watch the show? Are any of YOUR FAVORITES here? Is the show even fun anymore or do you think it's totally tired? Let me know!

In case they don't look familiar, here is the key to which season each of these past contestants were on...

11 — Cirie Fields, 37, Survivor: Panama
12 — Jonathan Penner, 45, Survivor: Cook Islands
13 — Amanda Kimmel, 23, Survivor: China
14 — James Clement, 30, Survivor: China
15 — Ozzy Lusth, 26, Survivor: Cook Islands
16 — Yau-Man Chan, 55, Survivor: Fiji
17 — Eliza Orlins, 25, Survivor: Vanuatu
18 — Jon Dalton (aka Johnny Fairplay), 33, Survivor: Pearl Islands
19 — Parvati Shallow, 25, Survivor: Cook Islands
20 — Ami Cusack, 24, Survivor Pearl Islands

In case you were wondering where numbers 1-10 are, they are the Fans and they are completely NEW contestants we have never met before!

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