Thursday, January 03, 2008


I want my lunch to look like these every day!! Did you know in Japan they have made an adorable art out of packing lunches? They pack them in bento boxes, which are lunch boxes that have little compartments for individual types of food or that stack up and they are often decorated with cute Hello Kitty or other Japanese characters. This beats the school cafeteria's lunch any day.

The above image on the left is from a website that takes pictures of her amazingly cute lunches! And the one n the right is from a Flicker group that is all Bento boxes all the time! I've made a few that aren't nearly as cute as hers, but they're better than brown baggin in! I have this bento box called a Laptop Lunchbox. Wanna see...

Tee-hee... I eat healthy! I'm a dork... What do you eat for lunch??

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