Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Super Clea's Corner 2.0

We’re gonna try something new. I’m gonna just talk and talk and talk and tell you all kinds of fun junk I hear about celebs and TV and movies and music and books and comics, and show you wacky stuff I see online. I’m gonna write about fashion trends and hot tips and I’m also still going to write about life as a teen in this here weird and wonderful world. And you can still write me -- in the comments section -- and ask me questions, send me intel, tell me I’m whack, or better yet, wondrous and all around speak out. So, on with the show that is this.

ps - that picture is me, with a frito boat in hand (fritos, chili, cheese, goodness) at Aero Dog, a hot dog stand in a cargo plane in central valley Cali - it was 25 degrees out and the plane is OPEN. Cold! But delicious...

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