Friday, February 17, 2006

Live Nude Girls!

Okay maybe not nude, but if we were talking a metaphorical sense then maybe but well, no. Maybe I got your attention though? It's weird writing to no one. Anyone. No, no one is more like it. So I have posted here a handful of songs, all live, all by girls, none nude while recording or at least I don't think so and they're all out there and maybe even dare I say common, but who cares, I like 'em. Tomorrow, if I'm up to it, or Monday if I'm not, I'll post some more, perhaps less common or known girl singers and call it part two. Oh and I want it on record that I'm not a big Dido fan and I am definitely not a big James Taylor fan (too much of it as a youngster I dare say) but the two together, well not JT himself, but his song, the two together are quite sweet and loveable. The Tegan & Sara track has grown on me and this version, while not um, genius or anything, well the stripped NAKEDNESS of it all fits the song's content, which I do just love. Simple and straightforward and truthful-ly. I feel like I can't go wrong with Sia, unless of course I'm feeling happy and want to continue to feel happy because whoa, she takes me down a few notches, but in that feels good to wallow way. Jem? Days of good, days of bad. Today I like-y. Tomorrow, probably not. Enjoy.

Tegan and Sara, "You Wouldn't Like Me" (live on KEXP)
Dido, "Fire & Rain" (live on KCRW)

Sia, "Bully" (live on KCRW)

Jem, "Flying High" (live on KCRW)

PS- Not that anyone is asking, but the Tweedy show was quite wonderful on many levels. My daughter went to sleep for the babysitter, most importantly, allowing me to relax in my cushy theater chair and take in the Jeff. He opened with "Sunken Treasure" as I have heard he's been doing this whole tour and it shattered the original to bits, just long, thoughtful, drawn out simplicity that makes your hairs stand on end. The band in my last manuscript is named Sunken Treasure so what a treat. And from there, it only got betta.

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