Monday, February 27, 2006

Live (or Remixed) Nude Girls, Pt. 2

Well I said I was going to upload a few more live tunes what? Last week. But then I heard from Jodi and well, I had to do me a Peaches-post. Now, I have heard from the wondrous Rachel Cohn (seriously, I LOVED Gingerbread and she has a new one coming soon with writer David Levithan and... well wait. More on that tomorrow, including mp3s!)

So back to today. Four gorgeous songs.

I love how Leslie Feist can look like an angular, masculine Patti Smith type from one angle and a gorgeous French model from another, like one of those Cracker Jack prizes. I also love her voice and I really love how one of her songs can sound so wildly different depending on the day. For instance, I've heard this song's album cut, I've heard it slowed down and acoustic on one of the late night shows and I've heard it danced up in a remix and each time, sounds like a different song. I've posted the latter.

As for the Stars, I had a few friends who HATED them, probably all the hype surrounding this Canadian band (hey, Feist is Canadian too... I didn't plan that.) But here's the deal: this song pops up on my iPod or my iTunes shuffle A LOT and every time I stop. I listen. I am overcome by the very real and simply beauty of it. This remix does it total justice and I don't care that it was hyped a muncha buncha. It's worth it. Oh and if you go here, to their label's website, it will take you to video of them on Irish Tv.

Keren Ann looks a little like Leslie Feist, if the room was dim, but that's neither here nor there. Her songs are mostly great French-y background sounds for a slinky night at home. In a dim room come to think of it. Same for Cat Power. I just never was this huge fan, but I really dig her latest CD, "The Greatest." This isn't from that. It's a John Peel cut of her doing Oasis. Well not doing Oasis, but. Oh never mind.

Feist, "One Evening" VV Remix
Stars, "Ageless Beauty"(Most Serene Remix)

Keren Ann
, "It's Always You" (Live)
Cat Power, "Wonderwall" (Peel Sessions)

Just a few things I want to say today. First, Some Velvet Blog has got some cool tunes for your downloading pleasure. Late 80s - early 90s stalwarts Matthew Sweet and Bangle Susanna Hoffs have teamed up for a CD of covers called, Under the Covers Volume 1. It's due out April 18th and SVB has the Neil Young cover, "Everybody Know's This is Nowhere."

Jo & Dirk over at More than Milk have a few really fabulous postings from the weekend: some more Keren Ann, Sufjan Steven's outtakes and a few Brazillian Girls remixes. Good stuff.

I really like everything Indie Girls Fly Kites are doing. It's random in a truly random way. That was not so eloquent. Just check them out.

Lastly, I was away this weekend with a gaggle of girlfriends and one extra lovely one told me about her pal Dax Pierson who was a buyer at Amoeba and keyboardist for band Subtle. He was in a bad van accident and pretty badly paralyzed. My pal went on to tell me how rocking ROCKING Amoeba has been: raising money for their beloved employee, taking care of all insurance BS, buying him a van, flying friends in to visit him and more. That's more than enough to make me wanna shop there so, if you live in the Bay Area or LA, I suggest you spend your hard earned CD-devoted cash there. To read about it all, hit their website.

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