Friday, January 27, 2006

Characters I Want to Know

I like The Young Republic. They've been all over the audio blog world, it's all been posted already. But I really like this particular song. It has this literary quality to it, and not in a "literate" way like it's all Decemberists or anything. By literary quality, in this case, I mean that the song evokes such a vivid setting full of emotional turmoil and characters I want to know. I love when songs take hold of me in that manner. Another song that does this for me is the Supergrass track, "Grace," from their '02 "Life on Other Planets" CD. I can see the kids jumping on the trampoline just bursting at the seams with stuff they want to say, but can't... but don't.

The Young Republic, "When I See Your Eyes I Swear to God Our Worlds Collide"
Supergrass, "Grace"

For lots more Young Republic songs, hit their MySpace page. Or try their website.
You can find Supergrass and all their goodies here.

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