Tuesday, January 31, 2006

YA Author Paula Fox is Courtney Love's Biological Grandma

So I was getting my toes done (just for the foot massage, truly) and I picked up Elle magazine, the one with Scarlett Johannsen's purple clad boobs on the cover (and how could anyone, anyone, look at that cover and not notice the magnitude of the boobs only?) and I got to an article about the new memior by Courtney Love's mother, Linda Carroll. Now, I'm not a huge Courtney fan or Hole fan but I like her as a character. And the most interesting thing about this memior was revealed some time ago and that is that Linda Carroll's birth mother was author Paula Fox, which makes Paula Fox, pioneering femme fatale journalist and young adult novelist (and later memiorist and adult novelist), Courtney's g-ma, at least by blood. And that just adds to the whole mystique that is the character that is Courtney. As much as I don't want to admit this seeing as my own mother is crazy, no make that Crazy, I think it's just wild how the genes survived and Courtney obviously has inherited some of Paula Fox's something something—because by all accounts Paula Fox was willful, controversial, direct and how should we say this, not warm. So I guess it would make sense to post some Courtney Love or Hole mp3s about now, but as I said, not that huge of a fan. I sold a rare 45 for a lot of money on eBay last year so that's out. But I tell you what I did kind of like. Courtney's early (maybe 1985) band with Kat Bjelland, later of Babes in Toyland and Janis Tanaka (of like a zillion bands such as Stone Fox, L7, Auntie Christ with Exene and last I heard, Pink's bassist, hi Janis!) and that band is Pagan Babies (or Sugar Babydolls by some accounts.) So I found some of those demos online and here you go.

Pagan Babies, "Cold Shoulder"
Pagan Babies,
"Best Sunday Dress"
Pagan Babies,

Wanna read the Linda Carroll book? (I don't, I just can't do books by psychotherapists!) But that shouldn't stop you. Or maybe you wanna see what Paula Fox is about?

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