Monday, January 30, 2006

We're the Cupcakes

I started this blog to focus on girly pop and the connection that music and writing have for me. And looky here, it's been a week and I've really not touched on either all that much. So I thought today I would write about my girliest of stories-in-progress, We're The Cupcakes. You can read the first five or so chapters on my superclea site. I was cheifly inspired by TV like the Partridge Family and Scooby Doo cartoons and those mad cartoons that were inspired by 70s sitcoms like when the Brady Bunch became a cartoon and I swear I remember the Partridge Family as a cartoon briefly too but hey, could have been a dream. David Cassidy and Susan Dey have forever and always figured prominently in my dreams. The idea for the story / book, We're the Cupcakes, was to have a Monkees-esque serial in a book form that starred an all girl teen band who also were crime-fighters. For this made for TV book series I needed made-for-TV musical inspiration and so I looked only a little farther than the made-for-tv hooks of the Donnas and Sahara Hotnights. I actually like those bands. But I'm talking about a now-defunct band called Fuzzy that starred a gal named Hilken Mancini and her adorable pop-punk delivery. I wanted that very frenetic crashing pop of all those girls, the two minute song that kicked you up, knocked you down, seriously wiped you out and then woosh, done. But then I heard Graham Coxon's "Bittersweet Bundle of Misery" and I had one of those "pip" moments that I'm so fond of. That song, sung by a gaggle of girls all poppy punked out (preferably Hilken singing) and sped up, would be the perfect anthem for the band, for my book. And that is exactly what I thought about while writing these hanndful of chapters. Can you see it?

The Donnas, "40 Boys in 40 Nights"
Sahara Hotnights, "Alright, Alright"
Fuzzy, "Glad Action"

Graham Coxon, "Bittersweet Bundle of Misery"

Hilken Mancini put out a lovely CD last year with Chris Colbourn and I will post some tracks from that soon. Maybe even tomorrow. Graham Coxon's Happiness in Magazines CD was a favorite of mine, you can hear the new one and buy 'em both at his site. You know you can find the Donnas at

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