Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dance Pop-A-Go-Go

This is as awkward as a first kiss. What to say? This here blog is to spread some love around for the bands I adore. And because I just felt like sharing, in an egotistical, self-important sort of way. And it's also to gather round the kiddles who maybe like my books and want to hear from me, but also want to hear good music. That said, moving on.
I've decided to start with a trio of songs, each a lovely cover of a good pop song that was originally sung by a bad pop singer. Nope, these aren't new, nor are they the latest buzz bands, but damn if they aren't mighty sweet. Oh and yes, two of the Chapin Sisters are daughters of folkie Tom Chapin (brother of Harry) and the other gal is Wes Craven's daughter and not really a Chapin. And the other two songs, the Ben Lee and the Flaming Lips, if I recall, are from MBE KCRW sessions. Enjoy!

The Chapin Sisters, "Toxic" (originally by Brit-babe)
Ben Lee, "Beautiful" (originally by Xtina)
Flaming Lips, "Can't Get You Out of My Head" (originally by Kylie M)

For more Chapin Sisters, go to their site.


cindy hotpoint said...

Hey, Clea! This looks really fantastic, and I can't wait to read more.

vivarocks said...

im so impressed!

man, clea, you are so cool.
can i be your friend? your bestest red lipstick wearing friend?

- keva