Monday, March 13, 2006

Bad Boys and Good Girls

Tanya Lee Stone's book, A Bad Boy Can Be Good For A Girl came out a month or two ago. It's a book in verse about a jock and the girls who have crushed on him, or worse, and how they leave behind messages, words of wisdom and such, in the back of the library's copy of Judy Blume's famous "Forever." Genius, right? Right.

I asked Tanya for some musical notes to go with the book. She listed off two handfuls of artists, all women, that they played at the book's release party and said a playlist featuring those very women would be the ideal soundtrack to the book. So I've picked a few songs by a few of her artists of choice and the rest have links below. Thanks Tanya! Now go get her book and read along to these tunes...

Liz Phair, "Little Digger" (live on KCRW)
Liz Phair, "Stuck on an Island"
Fiona Apple, "Red, Red, Red"
Ani Di Franco, "Origami"
Carole King, "Smackwater Jack" (Live in the Living Room - although not my living room)

Check out this fabulous video from Miss Apple for "Not About Love"
Or watch her on Craig Ferguson's Late Show.

Other artists that Tanya Lee Stone digs: Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt (who lists her favorite CDs of late, love that!), The Roches, Sheryl Crow, Dar Williams, and the Indigo Girls. And she's a Broadway lover too! She's a fan of Idina Menzel, Audra McDonald, Lea Salonga and Judy Kuhn.

Buy A Bad Boy Can Be Good For A Girl on Amazon.

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