Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Trio of Duets

The latest Rhett Miller CD The Believer, features a duet with Rachel Yamagata called "Fireflies." I like it, and offer it up here, mostly for Rachel's last bit where she sings, "For the last time, I'm not your mother." And Rhett's still singing about "nineteen." It's a purty tune, nothing extraordinary but lovely just the same. I like that Rachel's voice isn't overly sweet here too, it's got a nice slightly drunken northern drawl. But for a real drunken drawl in a duet, I pick the Eddie Spaghetti and Kelley Deal track "Hungover Together" from the Supersuckers CD Must've Been High. My other favorite country-tinged duet of the last few years is by the band Blanche. Marrieds Tracee Mae Miller and Dan John Miller do a convincing job as, well, marrieds, who are treading into unstable waters on the awesome track, "Do You Trust Me?" (From If We Can't Trust the Doctors.)

Rhett Miller with Rachel Yamagata, "Fireflies"
Supersuckers with Kelley Deal, "Hungover Together"
Blanche, "Do You Trust Me?"

Rhett's Cd can be found here. The Supersuckers can be found on SubPop and Blanche is on V2.

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Isabel said...

I can't get enough of "Fireflies". Their voices sound so great together!