Friday, March 17, 2006

A Quickie: Sia Sings Radiohead

Short post. Yep, this is Sia doing "Paranoid Android." Don't know how I feel about it. It's from an upcoming CD called "Exit Music: Songs for Radio Heads" that releases April 18th. I think I prefer the Christopher O'Riley piano / instrumental covers as far as Radiohead covers go. I can view it as an experiment though. Her voice and what I like about it (the fragility mostly) doesn't really mesh with the chamber-music-ness of it all.

Sia, "Paranoid Android"

See Sia at Pre-order this Exit Music CD at Amazon.


guyha said...

the Exit Music album has (of course) leaked, and it's pretty amazing. the covers for "Just", "No surprises" and "Everything in it's right place" are my favourites, and this one is pretty amazing too!

Chris said...

Wow, thanks for the download. I just saw Sia in concert last night and was looking for more info on the Radiohead cover album (which I read about for the first time yesterday as well). I couldn't imagine anyone else being able to tackle this song than her.

The Christopher O'Riley and Brad Mehldau covers are great as well, but what Sia has done is taken a multi-layered song, stripped it down to its bare essentials, and delivered a clean execution faithful to the original -- without added layers of inflection. It makes a beautiful song even more beautiful.

Anonymous said...

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