Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The iPod is Shiny, the Music is Not.

I wasted no time and bought a new iPod, 30g with video, like I needed that. I'm such a gizmo whore and with none of the technological know-how to back it up. It's pretty though. Shiny. (No crumbs yet stuck in the click-wheel!) I could go on and on about American Idol, but Television Without Pity does such an amazing job, I think I'll leave it to them. Suffice it to say, and not that you care, or are even reading this, but I agree with them. And I found this related story to be hilarious.

Miss Derringer is the band I like today. I really should keep track of where I hear songs first because it was someone's blog. The song was "The Letter" and not the Box Tops' song either. Girl group vibe and you can tell if you've been here before, I like that. And then I did a little digging and found that their other songs had more of a rockabilly-flavored tang to them, and a little twang too, and I think I like those even better. They are dirty little ditties, although admittedly, it occasionally feels like fake dirt sometimes, thrown on for hell of it, for atmosphere. Hey, they're on Sympathy for the Record Industry and that should clue you in. Still, I like. Singer is Elizabeth McGrath, a fairly well known artist whose stuff is creepy, truly creepy.

Miss Derringer, "The Letter"
Miss Derringer, "Lordy"

They have a site. Buy the CD here. Elizabeth's art.

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