Tuesday, March 21, 2006

R.I.P. M.Y. i.P.O.D.

So this week just some songs I've heard that I really like. Today is Marit Larsen, a Norweigian with the same birthday as me. Course I'm like way older than her, but still, we have the same birthday, and the same as Princess Diana. Or had. Anyway. You know her voice could so tread into that boring singer songwriter territory that I just don't get, but then the instrumentation, the little quirks, they make it go so beyond all that is ordinary. And now I cannot get this song out of my head. Then again, I love hand claps. The rest of her songs? Not sure I feel the same way. Not sure I even like them at all. But this one is just divine.

Marit Larsen, "Only A Fool"

I got this next track last week from a blog I cannot recall, but it's also on I AM FUEL, YOU ARE FRIENDS this week, a great blog by a gal whose only fault is she loves Pearl Jam, otherwise she's got such wondrously great taste! It's the gentle-voiced Jose Gonzales with Zero 7 from the latters upcoming CD. This track has a vaguely 70s quality to me, it just reminds me of the best of my breezy hippie childhood in southern Florida. Maybe it's the vaguely CSN&Y vocals. Vaguely. Man this song is good.

Jose Gonzales & Zero 7, "Futures"

Anway those are my favorite songs of the week, the ones taking over my iTunes and not my ipod because that died yesterday. Alas, I think it's time to buy a new one.

Oh and I learned from Copy, Right that Threadless, the cool t-shirts by artists company, is having a $10 sale thru tomorrow AM. Wacky, hilarious and adorable tees for ten. Hit it.

Marit Larsen can be found at MaritLarsen.com while you can go to Zero 7's site here.

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lessadventurous said...

Marit Larsen used to be in the Europop group M2M way back when. I liked them. I'll give this a listen.