Friday, March 24, 2006

Buckley Live

Last minute decision that came over me as Jeff Buckley found its way into my iTunes mix today and I thought, yeah: I'm gonna post this Jeff Buckley single I have that has a live version of everyone's favorite OC hit, "Hallelujah." This is live from Bataclan, Paris, February 11, 1995. It's nine minutes long. The other track from this single is a different version of "Eternal Life" entitled "road version." I don't know how diff it really is, but what the hey. Just as a side note, the single was for "Everybody Here Wants You" from Sketches for my Sweetheart the Drunk and not from Grace. I found this single at an old job, it was left behind in a former employee's office along with some really, really bad music. Like one-almost-hit wonder hair bands. Odd, I thought. Hope you enjoy.

Jeff Buckley, "Hallelujah" (live in Paris, '95)
Jeff Buckley, "Eternal Life" (road version)

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music is art said...

thankyou for this, jeff buckley's music is so wonderful