Friday, March 10, 2006

Songs About Boys

I'm still hurting from a headache from h-e-l-l, so excuse my late-half-post and my whining. This one is random for sure, but I am posting songs that have boy names as the titles. Famous boy names to be exact. I didn't cover boy songs that don't have boy names as the titles such as "Just Like Anyone" by Aimee Mann which I believe is about Jeff Buckley or "Hey Jude" about Julian Lennon. Got to have boy names as titles. So here goes.

All Girl Summer Fun Band, "Jason Lee"
"Bill Murray"
Bree Sharp,
"David Duchovny"

Know any others? How about songs about famous women? Have a great weekend, see you Monday, same place. I will have artists picked by the lovely writer Tanya Lee Stone.


Mom101 said...

Magic Johnson by the Red Hot Chili Peppers springs to mind. Also Buddy Holly by Wheezer. And then of course there's Bella Lugosi's Dead by Bauhaus if you count it.

Thanks for coming by my blog and for the great advice. (Flax seed oil! Who knew!) Come back any time. - Liz

Mom101 said...
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Phil said...

Madness - "Michael Caine"
Guadalcanal Diary - "Michael Rockefeller"
Sufjan Stevens - "John Wayne Gacy, Jr."
John Vanderslice - "Bill Gates Must Die"
Stan Ridgway - "Harry Truman"
Chris Trapper - "Elvis Presley Boulevard"
Glenn Tilbrook - "Interviewing Randy Newman"

superclea said...

I had forgotten Michael Caine! Shame on me. I actually purposefully skipped over Sufjan because I really love Bill Murray, Jason Lee and David D so I thought by including john Wayne Gacy into the mix it sort of corrupted it. Of course I love Sufjan, so would that count? Nah. All good suggestions, thanks guys.

Chris Moonbeams said...

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