Thursday, March 30, 2006

Girl Talk: Date Line

The Talking Dating Game. You learn about how to ask boys out and how to respond when boys ask you out. And it's a game. Genius. Or not. The game came with a cassette that you played while you played the game. Here is a reel of the "dont's" as opposed to the "do's in one long, fairly weird, hilarious and totally 80s mp3. Oh and my favorite is Joel because like me, he hates rainy days.

Girl Talk Game Losers

Wanna buy the game? They have 'em on eBay. This is from the geniuses at WFMU.

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eduardo said...

Hey! Could you put up again "27 Days" and "End Of An Era" by The Like for download? The links have expired and I'm looking for these songs for the whole last week!

Eduardo (