Monday, March 06, 2006

They Didn't Even Make Me Cry

Here is what I loved about the Oscars: Jon Stewart, even though he told stupid, canned Bruce Vilanch-penned jokes, Lily Tomlin, even though she did stupid, canned Bruce-Vilanch-penned schtick with Meryl Streep, Michelle Williams' gorgeous yellow dress and striking red lips and glamorous hair and stunning necklace and the fact that she must have given her extra seat to her Dawson's Creek bud, Busy Philipps, so that bitchin Busy Philipps (of the best show, ever, Freaks & Geeks) had a betta seat than the nominated Steven Speilberg, and later today I will Google "busy philipps + front row + oscar" and see who her date was (courtesy of Heath's extra seat, obviously) cause he looked familiar and lastly, Larry McMurtry's jeans (oh, and Jon's promise to wear overalls next year; see how much funnier he is when he's ad-libbing?) George Clooney's speech was reasonable and made me chuckle on the "Sexiest man Alive, dead of a freak accident" comment and was seemingly heartfelt as he mentioned the other actors in the category and talked movie history but overall, a boring night. No one even made me cry and it is soooo easy to make me cry. Everyone seemed to be in "actor" mode, as opposed to real people mode and well, it was snooze-worthy.

In honor of Michelle Williams looking so beautiful and bringing along Busy Philipps, I have posted a few tracks that were heard on Dawson's Creek so long ago. Now these songs have made me cry. Why couldn't the Oscars?

From Season Three, the best season:
Rilo Kiley, "85"
Rilo Kiley,

From Season Six, the suckiest season:
Beth Orton, "Thinking About Tomorrow"
Damien Rice,
"Blower's Daughter" (This version is live, from Carson Daly show)

If you can get your Real Audio player to work (I cannot), go to to hear Busy, aka Audrey, sing in her fake band and even hear lil' Joey Potter (nee' the I'll-Never-Be-Mrs.-Cruise) belt a tune out or two. Oh, and I think I fixed my subscription thingy, so if you subscribed.... you should hear about it shortly.


Little Willow said...

Even better - Busy Phillips and Mischa Barton had the same dress, which Busy wore better. :)

superclea said...

I didn't know that! thanks for the info and well OF COURSE Busy wore it best, she's BUSY. tee hee.

lessadventurous said...

Yesssss, Rilo Kiley is my favorite ever. Good to see these old songs being posted!

And I miss Freaks & Geeks...